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My scholarship documentation officially got approved and the money is on it’s way! It’s a great feeling and accomplishment! Can’t believe I leave in 2 weeks! :) super excitedly nervous!

Got my acceptance today for the second scholarship I applied for, for study abroad! I could not be more excited and blessed for this, but somehow I’m still a bit sad because I wish I had someone to share it with!

I have accomplished so much in life already that I never would have imagined to be possible. This is true, I can not let the fear of failure consume me. You have to take chances and just go with it, you never know what will happen, or what you have the ability to achieve until you try. I never thought that I would ever study abroad, but here I am 38 days away from doing it! This is just another beginning to something great in my life! I am so blessed and thankfully and I will continue to “live out my calling” and try my best to get there. I will not like fear of failure stop me, if I fail at one thing, I will succeed at another :)

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